How Runn Makes Project Data Accessible, Accurate and Shareable

When you’re working on a project, it can be difficult to keep track with all the information that goes along with it. Different teams on the project may create spreadsheets, documents, or databases that have to be shared with other groups. It is essential that information is complete, accurate and easily accessible. It can be a challenge when multiple systems don’t communicate well or share information quickly.

A report is the most efficient way to prepare data for use by the project. This is a great method to assess an entire project, write down the lessons learned and improve the results of the project. It’s a great method for team members to gain insights from the data even if they don’t have the original data.

Data visualization tools can assist in this direction. Visualisations of this kind, whether AI-powered heatmaps which highlight project bottlenecks, or predictive line graphs showing estimated completion times for projects are more powerful than simply presenting facts and figures.

Runn provides a user-friendly solution to track, automate and delivering project information in a useful, shareable format. The fact that your project data is in a format that’s easily digestible makes it easier for stakeholders to take part in the decision-making and increases team efficiency. It also increases the chance of your data being used for good, by giving people testable hypothesis they can investigate. Find out how Runn can change the methods you manage your projects. Start site here your 14-day trial today.

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