How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe

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When distributing files, be aware of a few points to be aware of if you are handling sensitive information. First, only send information they require. This will reduce the chance that your information will fall into the wrong hands in the event of a leak or breach. The second step is to use tools to prevent unauthorised editing. If you and someone else are working on an Excel spreadsheet together, there are programs that will secure the document while editing. This helps prevent malicious or accidental changes, and ensures accuracy of the numbers.

It’s also advisable to eliminate information you don’t require and use encryption to be sure that any access granted to anyone else is unable to read should an individual file is stolen during its way from your database to the recipient. Using platforms that promise to keep your data safe and secure implies that only authenticated individuals can view the data, edit it and remove it. Additionally, the platform will automatically secure the data as it moves between databases and users.

Apart from providing peace of mind that your data is safe, this feature also reduces the workload and improves the convenience of users by removing the need for them to build an account on a portal. Like Portal Share Safe, files transferred through Share Safe are encrypted to prevent access by anyone else. Instead of logging into a portal to download files, users can use your company’s specific URL to gain access.

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