Keep Data Safe and Protect Your Business Data

Cyberattacks targeting companies that store sensitive information like addresses, names email addresses, and other information regarding customers, can cause irreparable harm. It is crucial for all companies particularly small ones, to safeguard their data safe.

Data breaches could be the result of many factors, ranging from hardware malfunctions like a damaged hard drive to natural disasters like a fire or flood. Loss or theft of a mobile device, USB or computer could cause vital data to be lost or getting into the wrong hands. Hacking maliciously is another major risk. Criminals are able to steal or corrupt data from companies for profit or simply for the sake of it.

Making sure you regularly backup your data is the best way to secure it. This is particularly important when your company uses cloud storage services to store files. This helps to avoid the loss of data in the event of cyberattacks, IT failure or an unprecedented natural catastrophe. It also helps to mitigate the impact of ransomware attacks, where hackers encrypt data and demand a fee to regain access.

It’s recommended to utilize tools specifically designed to monitor device, user and network activity. These tools can alert you to changes, enabling you to make corrective steps before it’s too late. Some of these tools come with features, such as instant kill switches that can be used to remotely wipe devices clean if they are lost or stolen. This can prevent the data from falling into wrong hands, while allowing you to continue using the device for other uses.

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