3 Steps for a Successful Acquisition

Many entrepreneurs who build successful businesses end up dreaming of being purchased by a larger business that will take their business to the next level. Mergers and acquisitions (M/A) can be exciting but they dataroomplace.blog/which-process-can-be-accomplished-with-due-diligence-data-rooms/ can also be complex. Successful M/A requires planning and focus on three key areas: financial, legal, and process.

Establish a Strategic Goal

Before beginning their search it’s crucial that the buyer establish why they want to buy a particular company. The reason should not be vague or general and should be directly related to the current goals and objectives. This should be the base of all decisions made about the search, including how broad or narrow the net will be.

Conduct a search

Corporate development teams should use several sources, such as industry association lists and LinkedIn to find target companies that fit their criteria for acquisitions. Teams must also consider the various factors that influence the cost of an acquisition, including the performance of the acquired company in its market, the competitive advantage it has, its health, and its assets, such as intellectual property, physical assets cash flow, revenue.

It’s a good idea to employ an M&A advisor or consultant to assist with negotiations. At this point it’s commonplace to start receiving a number of bids. At this point the seller must be careful about what information they offer potential buyers. Too much information could raise antitrust issues and jeopardize a sale.

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