What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

An organized agenda is the foundation of every boardroom meeting. It sets the tone for how involved your board members are in discussions and outlines the topics you’re planning to cover and gives you a head start creating comprehensive minutes that reflect your decisions.

Ideally, your board’s meeting agenda will contain a specific section for reporting. This is where department heads and committee chairs can share important information with the rest of the board. Based on the requirements of your company, this could include reports from the committees and departments that are important to you like the executive director, finance director or nominating committee.

Your next item should be “new business”. This is the place where you and your colleagues will discuss ideas that have come up in the previous meeting and the best way to advance. This is a great opportunity for discussion and debate, so be sure to allow ample time for discussion. This is typically when your board decides to alter to table or to send an item on to another committee.

It is commonplace to include special announcements and congratulatory messages in the new section of business. This is a chance to give your board members some recognition and show that you are concerned about their contributions.


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