What Is Virtual Data Storage?

Virtual storage for data allows you to keep sensitive data online. It is commonly used for due diligence in businesses, IPOs and other confidential projects. VDRs unlike the free file-sharing platforms, offer additional features and security tools which protect your data from security threats. VDRs permit you to keep your private files, ensuring that only you have access.

What is Storage Virtualization?

Storage virtualization, an innovation that was developed over the past few years, has loosened the physical storage devices to present them as a central pool that has only one capacity. It eliminates the dependency between the storage hardware and the applications that require data, making it simpler to manage storage.

Aside from reducing complexity, virtual storage also helps reduce costs. It achieves this by reducing the requirement for hardware redundancy and removing the need purchase new storage devices as capacity requirements rise. This makes adding new storage a lot less expensive, particularly when you can scale on demand rather than having to predict your future requirements.

In addition to cost savings In addition to cost savings, a virtual SAN offers stability and less downtime. This is because, if the device is in trouble it is the only device that is closed and the rest of SAN continues to operate. When deciding what type of storage is best for your company it is important to take into account these advantages. Find out more about the HPE GreenLake and HPE Alletra range of block and file storage to discover how virtualization can help simplify your storage management.


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