Why You Need a Secure Data Room

A secure data room is a solution designed specifically for the secure sharing and administration of confidential documents in deals and transactions. If you have sensitive information to share, don’t rely on less-secure platforms like email, Google Drive or Dropbox to manage it.

When sharing SOC 2 docs, compliance certificates and other infoSec documents, you’ll need a system with ironclad security. Emails have been used for years to transfer files during M&A due-diligence or other transactions. However once the information is removed from your email, you no longer have control over where it is or who has access. The fact is, it’s difficult to adhere to regulations such as GDPR and CCPA through email.

Even if you have 2FA to stop unauthorized sharing, most systems don’t hinder users from forwarding hyperlinks – they just enter their login credentials and gain access to the file. This is a detriment to the purpose of a secure data room in the first place.

A good VDR solution will offer a complete barrier to unauthorized sharing and will include features such as dynamic watermarking that identifies documents as they leave the platform. This allows you to track misuse and hold negligent parties accountable for accidental leaks or unauthorised sharing. You should consider a service that utilizes SOC2 compatible servers (SSAE18), private cloud, and advanced encryption to safeguard your documents from hackers. Find out how you can select the best option for your business. Book a an individual demo with our team today.


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