Board of Directors Software

Streamline meeting management and decision-making for boards, committees, and leadership teams. Find areas for improvement and encourage collaboration between the board and management, and convert director feedback into strategic action.

Organize Board Materials in One Centralized Location. With a solution that is specifically designed for governance of boards, you can eliminate the requirement to send documents to the board via email or store them in unsecure locations such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SharePoint. Board members have 24/7 access to board materials, and administrators can create and distribute agendas of the board as well as books as well as other supporting materials.

Board of directors software comes with a dashboard that allows each member to quickly review meetings, plan surveys, and view the tasks assigned to them without having go through emails or hardcopies of documents. This information is accessible prior to the time which assists board members prepare and ensure that they have completed internet and read all materials and assignments.

Let members collaborate on documents and projects via the cloud. The best boards portals provide electronic signature capabilities that make it simple for everyone to sign and approve important documents.

A well-rounded portal for boards should also include a profile manager for administrators which lets administrators manage privacy settings and privileges for each board member. Boards can ensure that all members are informed and prepared prior to each meeting. They can also keep sensitive or confidential information secure. It is also crucial that the platform has the highest degree of security and protection for data. This should be a major consideration for any company.

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