How to Conduct an Effective Board Meeting

A successful board meeting depends on a structured and thoughtful decision-making process that incorporates the views of all stakeholders. This requires thorough research, the engagement of experts in the field, the creation of a space that encourages differing opinions, and productive and healthy discussions.

Start at the Time

If you begin and end your board meetings on time you show efficiency, avoid fatigue, and create a focused and lively atmosphere. It also helps to orient your attendees and set expectations for future meetings.

Manage the Agenda

Set the agenda for your board meeting to ensure effectiveness. This will allow you to cover all the important topics without wasting time on administrative tasks and reports that aren’t crucial to the decision-making process. Begin the meeting with the most important discussions and conclude on time.

Create a Plan for Each Topic

Make sure your board members understand the end purpose of each discussion item, whether it’s to seek information, arrive at a conclusion, or something else. In this way, your participants will be able to effectively steer the conversation toward the intended outcome, avoiding tangential or repetitive topics.

Include an executive session in every board meeting. It is a brief (15-minute or less) segment reserved for Board Members only, and not for the management team.

Use this time to discuss any obstacles or major milestones that could affect company performance. This is the perfect time to think about and brainstorm strategies for the future success of the organization.

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